Off Leash Dog Parks
WHO LET THE DOGS OUT? (Woof Woof... We did!)

Waggs 'n Whiskers 'Central Barks' mission is simply to... allow dogs to be dogs!
'Central Bark' and 'Wiggly Fields' is a private, inviting and engaging outdoor membership-based recreation area. Registration is required before attending.
Equipped with picnic and bench areas for socializing and holding events, watching dogs play and exercise, or for just hanging out with your best friend!
Registration by appointment only (evenings and weekends)
Contact Pam or Todd for more information or to register.

'Central Bark' Dog Park and 'Wiggly Field'

• 2+ acres fully fenced and secured with a double gated entry for the safety of you and your dog, also acts as a transition zone for dogs to adjust to the presence of other dogs.
• Grassed area with regular lawn maintenance
• Garbage cans with regular trash removal
• Pooper Scooper Stations with environmental waste bags supplied
• Sitting area with canopies and benches
• Water hoses and bowls
• Frisbees, balls and other enrichment toys provided
• also... wading pools and agility equipment during the summer months

Wiggly Fields includes all above amenities in a self contained small dog/puppy area or... for shy large dogs.

Park Requirements:

• All dogs must have record of vaccines (Bordetella (Kennel Cough) highly recommended) or proof of titers.
• Highly recommended to be on a flea prevention program May through October.
• Must be spayed/neutered if over 10 months.
• Dogs attending the park must be people and dog friendly and must be met prior to attending the park (at registration) to verify their good nature.
• Members must read and sign the Central Bark waiver outlining the park's rules and regulations as well as the registration forms.

Dog Park Pricing

• Monthly Membership Pass: $20/month (1-2 dogs)
Whereas after signing registration forms allows you to visit the park unlimited times during that month.
• 8 Visit Pass for $20
Whereas after signing registration forms. this membership allows 8 park visits (1-2 dogs) with a one year expiry.
• 3 months for $50
Save $10 when you pay for 3 months.
• Annual rate of $150/year.
• Fees help cover costs of maintenance, park supplies and upgrades to park.

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