Doggy Daycare
Barn(to be replaced)
New Facility
Registration day
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Central Bark entrance
Pathway to Central Bark
Waggs 'n Whiskers begins!
Over the coming months we at "Waggs 'n Whiskers" intend to develop an all inclusive facility for the care and enjoyment of pets and owners alike for Carleton Place and the surrounding area. This beautiful and historic 5-1/2 acre property with it's majestic pines, spacious fields and beautiful perennial gardens is an ideal place to come, bring your dog for a run in "Central Bark", and enjoy a cool drink and a visit with us. This is a project that will take some time to develop, however click on any of the links below to keep track of the progress we're making.
Perennial Gardens
Perennial Gardens
House view from field
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