Kennel-Free Boarding
What makes Waggs'n Whiskers Kennel-Free Boarding so unique?

For social and very active dogs it's a doggy dream vacation come true!
At Waggs'n Whiskers, we take the care of your dog very seriously. We pride ourselves on giving the best possible vacation to the pups in our care.
Being kennel-free makes us limited to how many dogs we can board. This means that your pup gets all the individual attention they need, tons of doggy and people social time, and the comforts of home during their stay.
Contact Pam or Todd for more information or how to register.


We have doggy daycare Monday-Friday 6am-6pm, so your pup gets to be with people and other dogs socially all day long.
Weekends we follow the same daycare routine in/out schedule, but just with the boarding pups.
There aren't any kennels or indoor/outdoor runs. We take the time all day, to go in and out to spend time with our visiting dogs.
We have toys, play structures, and have installed Astroturf in the yard for the dogs.This keeps your dogs clean, while they play and is great in the summer when we bring out the wading pools and sprinklers! No mud!


At 6pm the daycare dogs have all gone home. This allows some much needed quiet time and rest for the boarding dogs.
We are back over again 9:30-10pm for a last let out for the night and return the next morning at 6am.
Where the pups stay, is just like being at home... couches, beds and dog beds, for them to sleep on.
Many prefer the large blanketed windowsills, so they can keep an eye on the comings and goings.
We also leave the TV on for background noise, as it sometimes provides a comfort for them.
We will always go that extra mile to make their stay as comfortable as possible. Sometimes bringing lengthy stay boarding dogs in the house on the weekends for some family time and a change of scenery.

Boarding Rates:

• ONE DOG = $35
• TWO DOGS = $50
• THREE DOGS = $60
• FOUR DOGS = $75



Kennel-Free Boarding
Frequently Asked Questions

Please call and leave a message, as we are generally really busy with the pups and not near the phone. We will return your call promptly to arrange an appointment.
This is always done prior to boarding, so we can get acquainted with your pup, you can view our facility and receive the necessary paperwork.
We generally return calls in the evenings, as during the day the daycare pups keep us pretty busy and we like to give you our undivided attention when returning the call.
Please book an appointment in advance.
An appointment is absolutely necessary. Our weekdays are filled with caring for the daycare dogs and boarding dogs, and they are our priority.
On weekends, we have scheduled appointments and dogs getting dropped off or picked up from boarding, so disruptions of drop-ins is not fair to those people, and it also disrupts the dogs if we have just settled them down for a rest
Weekdays during daycare hours anywhere from 6-10am and pickup prior to 6pm. Weekends we can set a time but generally 9-10am is the best time for us and again pickup prior to 6pm. We only do drop offs in the morning as we do need to see the dogs interacting together for the full day.
We try to be very accommodating and work with your schedule.
We do ask that you be respectful and stick to the times we agree upon, as we schedule our day around appointments, drop offs and pick ups.
If you are running late, please leave a message and we will return your call to arrange another scheduled time.
We do not feed dogs together. They are always individually fed, so this doesn't cause any food aggression behaviours.
We make meal time a special bonding time with each dog, and not just feed like an assembly line.
As well... we do not leave ie: treats, stuffed Kongs or toys when dogs are left unsupervised unless they are by themselves.
Christmas and March Break can be booked months in advance. These are the two busiest times, and I generally only take regular clients for those time frames, but feel free to check.
Other times throughout the year vary... it's best to give us a call and see what we can arrange.
If it is for a first time boarder, then a meet and greet is necessary. This would have to be done before a boarding date can be confirmed, so it's best to give as much time as possible.
If not a regular client then it would be very hard to book a stay last minute.
Our facility is certainly a better atmosphere for pups that are more shy or older dogs.
We've actually seen many shy dogs come out of their shell while staying with us.
It proves to be very good for them and boosts their confidence level.
Again, we will go the extra mile and take the time needed to help them feel comfortable.
Aging pets as well... with so many active dogs to play with at daycare, they are not forced to participate and can do what they want.
They still benefit from the company of us and other dogs all day. This makes the time pass much quicker for them, rather than being in a kennel for most of the day.
A copy of your dogs up to date vaccination record (proof of titers is accepted), including Bordatella, which is not included in the standard vaccines, and must be administered at least 2 weeks prior to boarding.
Must be on a vet recommended flea prevention (ie: Advantage, Revolution)
Must be spayed/neutered if over 9 months.
If there is time before your scheduled boarding date... we always suggest coming for a daycare day or two to familiarize them with us and us with them. When they've already had a positive experience with us, it makes it an easier transition for them to boarding. They recognize us and are excited to come back, after the fun they had on their daycare day.
Please bring the food that they're normally fed. (Each meal in individual bags is preferred, but not necessary.)
Bowls are not necessary, unless they are particular to their own.
• Please clearly label on their food their feeding schedule and amount.
If they are used to being crated, then please bring their crate. We are kennel-free but... we like to continue whatever they are used to at home.
Although not necessary, as we have many dog beds etc., and they usually curl up on the couches... you may bring their bed or a specific blanket if they are partial to it and will provide a comfort for them.
A personal item with your smell on it (a t-shirt not washed etc.) may provide a comfort of home for them as well.
As we are a kennel-free environment, dogs do board together, but only after they have been together playing for the day. That way we can determine which pup (if any) they are best suited with. If there is ever any doubt then we would leave them on one side by themselves and only together for supervised play.